Master LL's Videos: Bayonetta PS3-JP

|HOW TO| :: "How to understand LL's Files PART I"
  • LLbayonetta_E00a-Intro.avi
    LL : Obviously a video file by LL
    bayonetta : Game Title
    _ : underscore just to seperate what the file is about

    E : this stands for "Event Video" others include:
    GP : Gameplay Video (fighting, etc)
    Boss : Boss Battle Video (boss battles duh)

    00 : Incremental order of all Event til the major boss.
    a : Incremental order of the video for that Event part.
    -Intro : A description of that Event Part.

    So it will be numbered 00a, 00b, 00c, until the first major boss (Boss01), then the Event videos will numbered 01a, 01b, 01c, until the next major boss (Boss02), etc.

    The Event, Boss & GP numbering system is widely used on my YouTube videos.

|HOW TO| :: "How to understand LL's Files PART II"
  • LLbayonetta_02-01-BossJeanne.avi
    LL Bayonetta _ (Chapter) - (Verse) - (File Description).avi

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